Why Ummah Stars

Beauty of Children’s Islāmic Education

The Beauty of Children’s Islāmic

Education – Reinvented!


Children’s Islāmic

Why Download the Ummah Stars Islāmic learning app for children

Learn how you can empower your children with the magnificence of Islāmic teachings and religious etiquettes, while cementing a strong connection with Allāh and an everlasting relationship with the Holy Qurān and Prophetic Sunnah.

As a Loving Parent – Do You:

  • fear for your child’s religious upbringing?
  • feel scared at the thought of your children losing their connection with Islām?
  • want your child to succeed in deen, dunya and ākhirah?
  • desire your children to grow as well-rounded Muslims in adult life?
  • wish your children to become role models in the Ummah?

Islām is a merciful gift from Allāh beyond measure. Its beauty and worth exceeds anything we can envision throughout any given year within our lifetimes. Missing out on its blessings leaves our innocent children struggling, overwhelmed, and frustrated throughout their lives. Conclusively, these negative effects will reflect in their personal, academic, social, family and spiritual areas of life.

History and Today

Beauty of Children’s Islāmic Education

The reality is that our children live today in a world turbo-charged with loud social media news feeds, Hollywood blockbusters, flashy music videos, inappropriately dressed celebrities and the constant bombardment of negative imagery, sounds and narratives that go against the core principles of Islām.

Furthermore, the geopolitical and sociocultural negativity portrayed on news media against Islām and Muslims further attacks our children and their Muslim Identity. Islāmophobia is on the rise, Muslims the world over are looked at with an eye of suspicion, while our culture and heritage is viewed as ‘incompatible’ with the Western world.

Life is becoming harder for Muslims around the world, particularly those living in non-Muslim countries. There are bans being implemented by governments on everything from women’s hijabs to travel. The rights, freedoms and liberties of our children and future generations are gradually being taken away.

Our children are surrounded with non-Islāmic emotional, mental and physical influences that pose tremendous risks to their overall development, confusing them and detaching them from the deen.

Our children have rights over us as parents, and one of those rights is providing them a healthy and meaningful life based on the strengths of security, quality, Islāmic education and the right direction.

However, as a parent, deep inside your heart you painfully wish to develop a way to plan, adopt, implement and harvest the benefits of our beautiful deen within the hearts and minds of your children.


Empower your children with the magnificence of Islāmic

One of the biggest challenges for Muslims today is making sure that their children have an education that is going to help them in this world as well as the next.

Yet, you’ve done all you could and feel it’s nearly impossible, right?

You wish it could be done in a focused, exciting, fun, engaging, inspiring, guided, consistent and effective way, without fail. You even do your bit and send them to weekend Qur’an and Deen classes. Nonetheless, while they learn the theory, they struggle to integrate what they learn into real life – practically.

Unfortunately, in this digital age of the 21st century, there are so many distractions: TV, computer games, iPad, PlayStation, just to mention a few. Moreover, as parents who are juggling work, household responsibilities, family obligations and other commitments, it becomes even harder to eliminate a child’s distractions.

As a consequence, this makes you feel frustrated, fearful, and even self-blameworthy as you feel you’re not being a good parent. You genuinely care for your children’s religious upbringing and want to see them excited, inspired and passionate about the deen, but find yourself helpless in seeing your efforts bear fruit.

As a parent you know that life is short, and you want to make sure that your children’s Islāmic education is effective and results-focused– in a way that appeals to them, registers in their minds and captivates their hearts.

What if…

    • You were able to successfully make your children feel inspired by the beauty of Islām, experience its full glory and implement its many virtues – confidently, realistically and passionately, without hurdles?
    • Your children wanted to learn about Islām; the Qurān and Sunnah, the Prophets and their illustrious stories, not because they ‘had’ to, but because they genuinely ‘wanted’ to – out of sheer interest, excitement and desire?
    • You were able to make them feel excited about the blessed month of Ramadan and in awe of worshipping their Creator; while emulating the Seerah of the Greatest man to ever walk the planet in the history of mankind — Prophet Muhammad (sal Allāhu ‘alayhi wa sallam)?
    • You helped them establish a unique relationship with the Glorious Qur’an that they never knew before; tasting the wonders of its divine grace and powerful Prophetic stories that they never fully understood in the past?
    • You saw your children experiencing increased religious motivation, energy and efficiency– that they were able to maintain in theory and in practice – at home, school and beyond – throughout the year?
    • Your children strengthened every area of their daily routine by using the tremendous lessons from the Qurān and Sunnah, in leading more wholesome, goal-oriented and rewarding Islām-focused lives?

Effectively Learning and Embracing Islām

And The Best Part?

    • Your children attain all of the above despite your busy family, work, study and other obligations?

Implementing and Benefiting from the right steps, tools, resources and guidance for a self-regulating Islāmic Life is an empowering experience that cements the pillars of our beautiful deen inside the minds, hearts and spirits of our innocent children. It equips them for a well-rounded and progressive adult life, while ensuring that our future generations don’t lose their connection with the religion of Allāh. It becomes a life-changing journey that stands the test of time. Today, and tomorrow!

And What If You Had the Power to Finally Get Rid of the Things Preventing Your

Children From Truly and Effectively Learning and Embracing Islām?


    • Eliminating media and entertainment related distractions from your children’s lives that are hampering their religious learning – without having to deprive them of the positive benefits laptops, tablets and mobile phones possess.
    • your children grow intellectually, mentally and spiritually, in a way that adds value to their lives – while maintaining the essence of Islām in their hearts.
    • Realigning your approach with technology, using it effectively to harness motivation and self-confidence in your children, while making them fall in love with Islām.
    • Cementing a new found appreciation for the Sahābah (May Allāh bless them all), all the Prophets of Allāh, the purpose and meaning of the Holy Qur’an and the magnificent virtues of the Seerah of our beloved Prophet Muhammad (sal Allāhu ‘alayhi wa sallam).
    • Having around the clock accountability and performance measurement of your children’s religious learning.
    • Ensuring self-discipline and self-actualization within your children, enabling them to be more aware, conscious and responsible for their words and actions.
    • …….and implementing change in many other crucial areas of a child’s religious development that parents around the world continuously face – without solution!

New Islāmic App to Empower Your Children

The Beauty of Islām Can Be Made Irresistible to Learn for Children –

If Conveyed in a Fun and Engaging Way!

“A New Islāmic App to Empower Your Children – Everyday!”

Easy, Fun and Educational

Islāmic education, etiquette and real-world guidance is a treasure our kids dearly need in this day and age. Their future and success depends on the powerful lessons that our deen provides.

Ummah Stars is an easy, entertaining and intuitive Islāmic stories app for children. It provides life-altering Islāmic morals, stories and lessons in a fun, visually stimulating and interactive manner. The app facilitates critical thinking, cognitive development and enhanced and ethical learning in a multitude of ways…Saving you time and energy as a parent in the process!

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Why Does Every Home Need Ummah Stars?

The importance of Islām in our children’s lives from an early age should never under any circumstances be overlooked.

Islām is not merely a religion, but a ‘way of life’.

It is Allāh swt’s chosen deen for all mankind, instructed through His direct and divinely revealed message in the Holy Qur’an. The message is sealed by the seal of all prophets, Prophet Muhammad (sal Allāhu ‘alayhi wa sallam) and his timeless teachings – for human beings to abide by, for all generations, and for all-time.

Islām is the very ‘purpose’ we are all created and put on this earth for by Allāh, in the first place; a purpose that our children must be instilled with before it’s too late.


“Did you think that We had created you in play (without any purpose), and that you would not be brought back to Us? So exalted is Allāh, the Sovereign, the Truth; there is no deity except Him, Lord of the Noble Throne”.

(Surah Al-Mu’minoon, 23 :115-116)


“And I (Allāh) created not the jinn and mankind except that they should worship Me (Alone)”

(Surah Al-Dhāriyāt, 51:56)

The Challenge

Islāmic education

Sadly, the majority of Muslim children today simply do not know about their deen, or the lives of all the Prophets as they should. The knowledge our children possess today about Islām is from a mere historical perspective only. It is knowledge handed down to them by their parents in a static and ‘un’engaging manner.

Children in countless Muslim households around the world are ‘taught’ to love the Prophet (sal Allāhu ‘alayhi wa sallam) and love the deen. However, this insistence upon love and passion for the religion is interpreted by children as an ‘imposition’ and a ‘burden’, a mere ‘chore’ and simply something that ‘has to be done’ for the sake of being done.

To be able to truly believe in something and embrace it, the love for it should come first. This love is a journey, not an on-off switch. This love must be nurtured, fostered and inculcated through the right approach utilizing emotional strategies, mental engagement and natural progression.

However, this love can only come naturally when children know the true essence of our beautiful deen via the inspiring stories of Islām, in a way that will have them hanging at the edge of their seats in sheer excitement!

The love and its very source should be more exciting, engaging, fun and motivating to our children than the fake characters in cartoons, unreal plots in movies, fictional scenarios in fantasy storybooks and video games that keep distracting them.

Without the possession of this natural love, we see that when parents ask or remind their kids to perform salāh, the kids perform it with minimal attention and finish it merely for the sake of fulfilling the ‘command’.

This is because they are so distracted with whatever they are doing – whether it’s watching TV, playing games or using the internet – that the value and importance of Salāh falls far below the value of things they perceive as more beneficial, engaging and exciting.

Why are Disney cartoons more appealing to them than the amazing feats of ‘Umar Ibn al-Khattab (R.A)? Why are video games or movies so much more enticing, than the real-life awe-inspiring stories of prophets Moosa (R.A) and Yoosuf (R.A)?

As a result, many parents get frustrated, lose heart and give up on the religious aspects of their children’s development; not knowing how to approach things in a manner that will bear fruit.

Consequently, children are deprived of Islām’s true beauty and fulfilling experience; its emotional, mental, intellectual and spiritual benefits. Thus, they never really see its positive effects manifest throughout their childhoods, and later on in every element of their adult lives.

Ummah Stars mobile app

The Ummah Stars mobile app is designed to break these barriers and free our children from this deprivation cycle; a cycle that negatively impacts them without them even realizing.

What Makes Ummah Stars Different?

Most online children’s Islāmic books, digital products and apps today rely only on theory, and a static, unengaging approach to teaching.

They fail to address the internal and external areas of development, as well as hands-on actionable steps that are critical to exciting a child’s mind about Islām, the Qur’an, Prophetic Seerah and history of all the prophets and Sahabah.

They don’t offer a tangible and consistent means of information flow that is both easy to use and inspiring to learn for children.


Breaking the Wall Between Your Children and Islām

The Ummah Stars Qurān learning app is not merely a mobile app, but also a results-focused interactive digital media utility that empowers your children through easy-to-learn, fun and exciting Islāmic educational content. The content includes stories and narratives, exercises and games inspired from the core values, pillars and teachings of Islām.

This approach proactively helps your children in building a strong, uninterrupted and focused relationship with Allāh swt and the Glorious Qur’an, while emulating the seerah of our Prophet Muhammad (sal Allāhu ‘alayhi wa sallam).

The Ummah Stars app is beautifully designed with a colourful user interface, visually enticing illustrations, animations, and interactive functionality which is pleasing to children, in a way that keeps them glued – for more!

Ummah Stars app

The barriers that the modern world with all its technological and entertainment ridden distractions poses to our children, can only be broken when the actual problems and existing struggles are identified, fixed and successfully built upon. This comes through the right approach, knowledge and direction.




At Ummah Stars, we ensure that your children’s fullest potential is combined with the essence of Islām, in bringing out their best!


You Can Empower Your Children with the Gift of Islām Without Feeling Overwhelmed

Empower Your Children with the Gift of Islām



You Can Make Islāmic Education Irresistible to your Children– Without Failing!

Islāmic Education Irresistible to your Children



Ummah Stars Mobile App Features:

    • High Quality Illustrations used in Islāmic History and Moral stories
    • Fun Quizzes and Mentally Stimulating Discussion Questions
    • ‘Deed Bank’ reward system– fully customizable by parents
    • Original characters and impressive narratives
    • Voice overs done by children themselves for relatable engagement
    • Simplification of religious obligations – dua, salah, fasting and more.
    • Powerful stories relating the events of the heroes of Islām that inspire genuine love and the aspiration to have a strong Muslim identity

Ummah Stars mobile app


How Your Children Can Benefit

The Ummah Stars Islāmic history app for children facilitates proactive learning that is easy to navigate, understand and apply – through a teaching style that is meant to simplify, break down and make Islāmic learning easy for children – anywhere and at anytime!

Ummah Stars gives your children a step-by-step platform to cement Islāmic habits, etiquettes, morals, values, mannerisms and religious routines that dramatically increase their religious, personal and social self-development.

Islāmic learning

The Ummah Stars mobile app:

  • The only app on the market that provides children valuable content on the main aspects and core pillars of Islām– available under one central learning platform.
  • Is fully narrated for kids – by kids! No boring classroom experience or monotonous adult tones that make kids feel detached from the learning experience
  • Contains engaging, animated, colourful and visually pleasing content for 3 age levels: ages 4 to 6, 7 to 10, and 11 to 14.
  • Supports academic critical thinking skills through a wide range of stimulating characters, conversations, stories, quizzes, exercises and narrations



Islāmic History and Moral stories
children’s Islāmic books

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Why You and Your Children will Love the Ummah Stars Mobile App!

Ummah Stars Mobile App

Ummah Stars is a holistic, 360 degree interactive digital media platform that benefits your children in countless ways.


Here are some reasons why you and your children will simply adore this app, and continue to reap its rewards – on a lifelong basis:

  • Self-Paced Learning – your children can log in to the Ummah Stars app from multiple mobile devices (PC, Laptop, and iPad). They can begin, pause or stop exercises and quizzes anytime and from anywhere, while their work progress is saved and updated on all devices – at the same time!
  • Comprehensive and insightful engaging content
  • Deed Bank System to help kids in learning good deeds with ‘real’ rewards at the end which are set up by parents, and given by parents. For example, when the child reaches 100 deeds, they will receive a new game, or trip to the mall, or $20, or whatever the parent decides they can give them. Fully customizable by parents – however they wish!
  • ….and more!

Ummah Stars - 360 degree interactive digital media platform
Ummah Stars - 360 degree interactive digital media platform

What’s in the Ummah Stars App?

Ummah Stars has 5 main sections plus the unique deed bank system. Everything has been designed with beautiful images and our stories have amazing original illustrations – like never seen before!

The content for each section is adapted to meet the needs of each individual age group: 4-6, 7-10, and 11-14. But don’t worry, even parents learn a lot from each age category!

What is Islām?

  • 5 Pillars of Islām
  • 6 Pillars of Eeman
  • Who is Allāh?
  • Names of Allāh

5 Pillars of Islām

Islāmic History

  • The Life of Prophet Muhammad (sal Allāhu ‘alayhi wa sallam)
  • Lives of the Prophets
  • Wives of the Prophet (sal Allāhu ‘alayhi wa sallam)
  • Companions of the Prophet (sal Allāhu ‘alayih wa sallam)

The Life of Prophet Muhammad

Qurān and Arabic

This Section delves into the Qurān on a deep level that kids will love and appreciate by using video’s they can relate to. The ‘Let’s Learn Arabic’ section will be available in July. This part of the app will be revolutionary in the way that it teaches Arabic and Tajweed to our children, and is unlike any other app available. Available only to yearly subscribers.

  • The Glorious Qurān – exploring the miracles of the Qurān
  • Stories from Qurān – based of Ibn Katheer’s work, our stories are relatable to children of all ages
  • Let’s Read Qurān – video’s to help in memorization
  • Understand Qurān – tafseer of portions of the Qurān delivered in easy to understand videos
  • Let’s Learn Arabic! – Arabic Letters, Arabic Grammar, Tajweed

The Glorious Qurān

Islāmic Morals

This section contains a range of short stories dealing with today’s issues appropriate to each age group, beautifully illustrated and narrated.

Age 4-6

  • Loving Our Parents
  • Being Kind
  • Clean and Healthy
  • Honesty is the Best Policy
  • “But my friends do it…”

Age 7-10

  • “But my friends do it…”
  • Being Kind to Creatures Great and Small
  • Cleanliness and Healthy Eating
  • Honesty is the Best Policy
  • Loving and Respecting our Parents

Age 11-14

  • Obeying Our Parents
  • Peer Pressure
  • Music, TV, and Cyberspace
  • Honesty is the Best Policy
  • To Speak or Not to Speak
  • Especially for Teenage Boys
  • Especially for Teenage Girls


Islāmic Morals

Islāmic Etiquettes

This section will cover all of the etiquettes of ibādah.

  • Etiquette of Du’ā and Dhikr
  • Etiquette of Wudoo’
  • Etiquette of Salāh
  • Etiquette of Fasting
  • Etiquette of Daily Life
  • Revive a Sunnah!

Islāmic Etiquettes

Deed Bank System

This section is what makes Ummah Stars ‘work’. Kid’s earn good deeds after completing quizzes, and doing the random good deeds. Each child has a ‘deed goal’ to work towards. This encourages them to keep coming back to learn more.

  • Random Good Deeds plus Custom Deeds Setup by Parents Which Appear Randomly Throughout the App.
  • I Did a Bad Deed – Valuable Lessons on Bad Deeds and How to Make Tawbah and Wipe Out Bad Deeds With Good Deeds
  • Deed Goal – A Gift or Prize to Work Towards and Set up by Parents and Given by Parents
  • Wish List – Set up by Child Letting Parents Know Their Preferred Deed Goal
  • Running Deed Total, with the Highest Total Being Published Monthly on Social Media

Islāmic Etiquettes


Ummah Stars is your children’s beginning to a journey that is everlasting via a productive, fulfilling and rewarding Islām-focused way of life; benefiting them in deen, dunya and ākhirah, in sha Allāh!




  • High Quality Illustrations Throughout History and Moral sections
  • Fun Quizzes and Mentally Stimulating Discussion Questions
  • ‘Deed Bank’ Reward System– Fully Customizable by Parents
  • Original Characters and Impressive Thought Provoking Narratives
  • Voice-overs Recorded by Children Themselves for Relatable Engagement
  • Simplification of Religious Obligations – Dua, Salah, Fasting and More.
  • Powerful Stories Relating the Events of the Heroes of Islam that Inspire Genuine
  • Love and the Aspiration to have a Strong Muslim Identity
  • Self-Paced Learning
  • Available on PC, Laptop, Mobile & Tablet
  • Customer Service Support


Islām and its beauty is not a destination, but a journey. It is a journey whose completion is far more rewarding for our children than their innocent eyes can see. Hence, as adults and parents, it is our responsibility to ensure that they complete that journey and attain its lifelong rewards– successfully

Beauty of Children’s Islāmic Education
Islāmic teachings and religious etiquettes