About Us

The Ummah Stars team came together when Allāh manifested Fouzia’s du’aa nearly two years ago, and also the du’aa of some of the team-members from around the world who had similar goals.  Their combined ideas, skills, hard work and much du’aa has resulted in the Ummah Stars dream becoming a reality.  When Allāh wants something to happen, He brings the right people together at the right time.


Fouzia Usman’s remarkable story of triumph started in Courtallam, the beautiful countryside of South India in the state of Tamil Nadu (where she was raised). She is very grateful to her parents who provided her with the foundation of a strong education, and the extra encouragement from her father, a PhD professor, to finish college before marriage. Thus, she became a trailblazer in her family by becoming the first female to not only enter college, but also graduate with a special distinction with a gold medal. Fouzia majored in computer science, and later graduated with a Master’s degree in Software Engineering from San Jose State University. While being a very busy working mom and wife, Fouzia has always been very passionate about Daawah projects. Allāhuma Barak laha. As a mother of 3 children, an Oracle Applications engineer by profession, and co-founder of practimate.com, Ummah Stars is a culmination of years of hard work and dedication towards spreading the deen of Islām. May Allāh reward Fouzia for her dedication and hard work and grant her every success in dunya and aakhirah.

Dr.Rasiq Ahmed is originally from Adirampatnam-South India and raised by parents who gave very high importance to the deen and good moral characters. He inherited many good qualities from his father who is a very simple and righteous man who lives by the principle “Worship Allāh and help others as long as you live”. As a pediatrician, Dr.Rasiq has years of experience dealing with kids of all ages; understanding their needs both physically and psychologically, which he brings and contributes to the development of Ummah Stars. As an avid supporter of women’s education, Rasiq has supported Fouzia all these years whether it’s by sending her to another country for education while being pregnant, to encouraging her to complete her Masters, to supporting all her other projects she has been involved in, to sending his daughter and Fouzia to martial arts classes on Sunday afternoons while taking care of the family. Allāhuma Barak lahu. He loves interaction with children and whenever the kids ask him a question, he repeats the question to them and encourages their own critical thinking to come up with an answer before giving his own. Raziq is the backbone to all of Fouzia’s work and her greatest supporter. May Allāh reward him greatly for his patience, encouragement and commitment to support Fouzia and the Ummah Stars project.

Dr.Rasiq Ahmed

Lucy Smith-Roberts

Lucy is our Content Developer and Project Manager for Ummah Stars. She is from Sydney, Australia and a revert to Islaam. She is an avid reader, loves cooking, and is a grandma. Since embracing Islaam, she has been fascinated with its teachings; reading everything she can find, and watching every lecture available. She loves to study the traditional subjects wherever there is an opportunity, and continues to learn every day, as she says, “We can never stop learning about this amazing religion.” Being over 50 years of age, Lucy has a lifetime of experiences both as a Muslim and a non-Muslim. The formula she uses for writing the content for Ummah Stars is to utilize all of those life experiences and combine them with the practical knowledge and experience she has as a content writer for children’s educational books, and the Islaamic knowledge that she has gained backed up by authentic evidences, as well as lots of Du’aa for Allaah to guide her in all that she does. May Allaah accept all of her hard work, and the hard work of the Ummah Stars team and make it heavy on their scale of good deeds. Ameen!

We’am is our Graphic Design Manager for Ummah Stars. She’s Palestinian living in Jordan, 28 yrs of age. She loves her family and friends, and enjoys spending time with them. Even though We’am has a Degree in Biotechnology, she’s passionate about graphic design, especially when it will benefit the Ummah. She has several years of experience in doing graphic design for children’s educational books, and coupled with her love for kids and Islām, she brings heaps of enthusiasm to her position. In her own words, “I love my work! I’m truly blessed to be working on such an amazing project, and pray that it is hugely successful.” May Allāh reward We’am for her commitment and enthusiasm along with the whole Ummah Stars team and bless them with the best in dunya and aakhirah.

We’am Kheir Abbad

Ghada Muhammad Al-Haris

Ghada is our Arabic and Quraan content writer and advisor. She is Jordanian and her life is dedicated to the Quraan. In her spare time she loves to visit family, reading, and learning about anything and everything. Ghada is Haafidha, MashaAllaah, and has ijaazah in Hafs ‘an ‘Aasim (one of the ten different methods of recitation of the Quraan) from the way of Ash-Shatibiyyah wat-Tayyibah. Ghada has years of experience teaching Tajweed and Arabic to foreigners, and she is highly sought after as a teacher. We are truly blessed to have her as part of the Ummah Stars team.

Maryam is the author of our Moral stories. From San Diego, CA and currently residing in Jordan, Maryam loves everything to do with nature: the outdoors, gardening, sustainable living, and also enjoys re-purposing and learning new things. As a mom of seven, she has a wealth of experience to draw from when writing the Ummah Stars moral stories. She also helps us to author the ‘Stories from Qurān’ books and does an amazing job in drawing lessons that relate to the issues kids face today. May Allāh reward her greatly for gifting us and the Ummah with her amazing stories we can all relate to. We can’t wait to see what she writes next!

Maryam M. Zaky

Taeah Rashim

Taeah is the latest addition to the Ummah Stars team, and our youngest Content Writer. Taeah is an American living in Cairo Egypt with her family. She has spent the last few years completing her memorization of the Qurān and becoming a Haafidha (masha’Allāh), learning Arabic, and finishing High School. Taeah has a passion for reading and research. Her reading interests include: History, Historical fiction, eighteenth century classics, and legal thrillers. She plans to study Islāmic Law and Islāmic finance in University, in shaa Allāh. Taeah uses her knowledge of the Qurān and the Arabic language, along with her youthful outlook, to bring Ummah Stars users authentic and reliable content that kids can relate to. She is currently working on the Stories of the Companions of the Prophet (sal Allāhu ‘alayhi wa sallam). We are very excited to have Taeah as part of the team and look forward to her future contributions.

Zayna, the eldest daughter of Fouzia and Rasiq, has been an amazing support especially in the collaboration of content for the 11 -14 age group; always raising relevant questions that need to be answered and addressed. Zayna, in general, is a very quiet girl who loves reading and writing, working on her memorization of Qurān, and spending time outdoors with her dad playing tennis or going for a jog. Zayna has enjoyed recording the audio for the 11 -14 age group in Ummah Stars. She has a beautiful, mesmerizing voice, Allāhuma Barak laha. We look forward to Zayna’s continued insight from a teenagers perspective to make the 11 -14 age group more and more relatable for her peers.



Zarifa, youngest daughter of Fouzia and Rasiq, was the main inspiration for Ummah Stars. From about two years of age, she was very articulate and outspoken and also she was gifted with a very sweet voice. Alhamdulilah! Zarifa is very down to earth and sociable and can converse with people of any age. She loves people! Her talent was first identified by her kindergarten teacher, Sr. Nadia, who discovered that when Zarifa would read a story, the kids would all amazingly be quiet and give their full attention. Soon after that, Fouzia started recording Zarifa narrating stories in her phone for fun and share with family and friends who all loved it a lot and couldn’t wait for the next recording. Meanwhile, Fouzia was always searching for good Seerah stories for young kids to show Zarifa and couldn’t find any. Then one day, Fouzia had a brainwave! “Why don’t I get Zarifa to narrate Seerah stories for kids her age?!” So that’s where it all started. Zarifa has spent hours and hours recording most audio parts in the app, and everytime she starts recording, her first question is, “How many pages?”. If she gets a break in between and gets a treat for her work, she is happy. Allāhuma Barak laha.

We are also blessed to have one of the best companies in California developing the Ummah Stars app. Colan infofactors is a growing and strong company with over 300 clients spanning North America , United Kingdom, Middle East and Canada. Their software Development Center delivers best-in-class work with superior cost-efficiency. They have become the trusted partner of choice among their customers by leveraging their extensive experience and co-innovators of businesses across technological domains. Ummah Stars is an example project which was picked up from ideas and built as a robust project within one year.

On-shore and offshore services help Ummah Stars implementation ease without any obstacles with latest tools and technology, They believe in Ummah Star success from day one of engagement for sustaining long-term relationships.