Why Ummah Stars?

Why Ummah Stars?

As a Loving Parent – Do You:

  • fear for your child’s religious upbringing?
  • feel scared at the thought of your children losing their connection with Islam?
  • want your child to succeed in deen, dunya and aakhirah?
  • desire your children to grow as well-rounded Muslims in adult life?
  • wish your children to become role models in the Ummah?

Islam is a merciful gift from Allah swt beyond measure. Its beauty and worth exceeds anything we can envision throughout any given year within our lifetimes. Missing out on its blessings leaves our innocent children struggling, overwhelmed, and frustrated throughout their lives. Conclusively, these negative effects will reflect in their personal, academic, social, family and spiritual areas of life.

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Why does every home need Ummah Stars?

Children in countless Muslim households around the world are ‘taught’ to love the Prophet (sal Allaahu ‘alayhi wa sallam) and love the deen. However, this insistence upon love and passion for the religion is interpreted by children as an ‘imposition’ and a ‘burden’, a mere ‘chore’ and simply something that ‘has to be done’ for the sake of being done.

To be able to truly believe in something and embrace it, the love for it should come first. This love is a journey, not an on-off switch. This love must be nurtured, fostered and inculcated through the right approach utilizing emotional strategies, mental engagement and natural progression.

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