Our Visionto Impart Quality Islāmic Education for Kids

At Ummah Stars, our core vision is to establish an online self-paced Islāmic learning platform for children, which is a one-stop and all-in knowledge base. It enables kids to proactively and tangibly gain effective results in the understanding, consistency, productivity and real-world application of Islāmic morals, values, ethics and lessons – successfully and naturally!

Moreover, our vision is to create a healthy, mentally constructive and spiritually competitive environment for Muslim children; fostering the importance of discipline, time management and goal-setting.

Our visionary philosophies seek to accomplish the following – both for parents as well as their children:

  • Parental satisfaction upon witnessing their children indulging in Islām-focused creative routines and spiritually constructive habits
  • Parental joy at the depth and engaging structure of Islāmic knowledge available in an easy-to-navigate manner, as well as the practical applicability of learned lessons that kids can implement – everyday!
  • Learning of Arabic in a fun and insightful manner, while strengthening children in their eventual progress towards Quranic Arabic.
  • Healthy, constructive and positive competition between children; facilitating hardwork, cementing self-development and sparking motivation.
Online self-paced Islamic learning platform for children


It’s time your children perfected the joy and fulfilment that comes from gaining a meaningful Islāmic education through a proven learning mechanism which enhances their spiritual development; enabling them to enjoy the majesty of Allah swt’s message via the Holy Qurān and exemplary gems from the Prophetic Seerah – in all their glory.

Our Mission

At Ummah Stars, our fundamental mission is to revolutionize Islāmic learning and education for children by harnessing the value of technology and digital media in the 21st century.

We exist because we believe in the power of knowledge and the amazing feats it can accomplish if imparted the right way to young, curious and hungry minds.

Muslim children are the torch bearers of our dreams, hopes and aspirations as an Ummah. They are the seeds of tomorrow’s strong and sturdy plants, possessing the potential to be a tremendous source of fruit and shade for the generations ahead.

Great leaders and visionaries are not born, they are created. The internal and external environment, social structure, education and other areas of development are what shapes a child’s mind from a young age. It is what determines their ability to lead themselves to success, as well as their community.

Children’s Islamic education and learning

At Ummah Stars, we aspire to create future leaders from within the Muslim Ummah by providing them the Islāmic knowledge, tools, resources and wisdom necessary to function not only as productive members of society, but also as God fearing Muslims that seek the pleasure of Allāh in every aspect of their lives.

Indeed, we live in a world today where Islām is constantly under scrutiny and criticism, where the media portrays Muslims in a severely negative light. In the face of all these issues, one of the biggest challenges that Muslim parents face today is making sure that their children have an education that is going to help them in this world as well as the next – without distractions or loss of self-confidence.

Our mission is to empower the children of a 1.7 billion strong Ummah that spans every corner of the globe; facilitating their real-world, academic, personal and most importantly religious growth – in the right direction!