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01 Jun

Upcoming Releases

We release new Islāmic lessons on the app every month! Curious to know what’s new? Find out here:

August Release

Let's Learn Arabic first 3 lessons

Understand Ayaat al-Kursi for all ages

Book 3 of Seerah for all ages

Four Moral Stories:

  • Mother's Day is Every Day (4-6),
  • How to be Frank (7-10),
  • Be Plucky, not a Plucker (11-14 Just for Teenage Girls),
  • Grime is of the Essence (11-14 Just for Teenage Boys).

September Release

Next 3 Lessons of Let's Learn Arabic

Book 4 of Seerah for all ages

Companions of the Prophet (sal Allaahu 'alayhi wa sallam):Story of Aboo Bakr (ra) all ages.

Story of Aadam pt 2 (7-10, 11-14)

Harut and Marut all ages.

How to Read Soorat al-Falaq.

Three Moral Stories:

  • No Latest Toy to Enjoy (4-6)
  • Allaah's Candy (7-10)
  • Father's Day is Every Day (11-14)

October Release

Next 3 Lessons of Let's Learn Arabic

Book 5 of Seerah for all ages

Wives of the Prophet (sal Allaahu 'alayhi wa sallam):Life of 'Aaishah (ra) all ages

The Story of Prophet Nooh (as) all ages

Let's Understand Soorat al-Falaq

Three Moral Stories:

  • Parent Trap (4-6)
  • Keyboard Kreeper Caper (7-10)
  • Infractions Speak Louder than Words (11-14)

What's New?

Ummah Stars Let's Learn Arabic first Lessons will be released in July!! Only Yearly Subscribers will have access to our Arabic program.


Future Plans:

Ummah Stars is an International App and we intend to make it available in other languages. Now it is available in English, next year it will also be available in Arabic, and a new language each year after, in shaa Allaah.