How Should We Teach Our Children to Greet Guests

As a responsible parent, you should start teaching your children the ways of the world from a very early age. Learning how to socially interact with people in an Islamic way is one of the first things that you should teach your child. There is a very specific way that Islam requires you to greet anyone you meet; shake their hand and say assalamu alaikum. Prophet Muhammad (sal Allaahu ‘alayhi wa sallam) also taught us how to treat others visiting our house. Here’s how you should teach your child to greet guests the Islamic way.

Be Kind and Welcoming

Prophet Muhammad (sal Allaahu ‘alayhi wa sallam) was always kind and welcoming toward his guests, so simply following his behavior could elevate your status to worship. You can download an Islamic study app that offers a proper lesson on how to meet and greet guests. Tell your children to be on their best behavior at all times in front of the guests.

Provide Them with Food and Drinks

You can use an Islamic learning platform for children to teach them the ways of the world from an Islamic point of view. After greeting the guests, your children should quickly go and serve some food or drinks for the guests, so that they don’t have to ask for them.

The Prophet Muhammad always respected his guests and offered them food and drinks whenever they would arrive at his door, and so should you. If possible, play a game where you act as a guest and train your children on how to greet you properly. It could be a fun exercise for you and your children.

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