How to Develop the Habit of Saying Bismillah in Your Child

The phrase “Bismillah” is commonly used by Muslims of all castes and creeds. It is mentioned before almost all of the Surahs in the Quran, and its literal translation is “In the name of God.” Bismillah is the first written word in the Quran and the opening phrase of the Holy Book. Most Muslims consider it good practice to ensure that they say Bismillah before starting any task. Muslims believe that reciting it before beginning a task or action makes it easier to complete and you also get to earn spiritual reward in the form of a blessing from God. However, some children don’t say Bismillah as often as they should, especially the ones that aren’t taught about the importance of reciting Quranic verses and the Surahs. Here are a few tips on how to develop the habit of saying Bismillah in your child.

Learning Apps

Technology, such as iPhones or iPads are prevalent nowadays, so you can leverage those to teach the basics of Islamic practices to your child. You can download the Muslim children learning app for your tablet or your mobile phone, and then use it to promote Islamic learning in your child. These learning apps include voice recordings as well as information about where the phrase Bismillah should be used.


Children start picking things up from their parents, and if you want them to make a habit of saying Bismillah before performing any task, you have to start doing the same as well. If your child sees that you are continually speaking Bismillah, it won’t be long before he or she starts following. You can also set up an exercise where you track the number of times your child said Bismillah during the day to promote the use of the phrase in the house and at the right moments.

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