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15 Effective Tips for Parents on Raising Muslim Teens

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18 Jan

15 Effective Tips for Parents on Raising Muslim Teens

Understand that parenting is a full-time job. It should be parent’s foremost duty to bring up their teens in an Islamic manner. You need to spend more family time with your children and instil good Islamic values through Islamic education for children is more beneficial than any fancy gift or gadget that you can buy.

Here are 15 practical tips to raise your teens into a responsible and practicing Muslim:

  1. Read and understand the Quran with your teenagers. Do this for at least 5-15 minutes to add meaning to your day and connect to Allah
  2. Attend regular Halaqas. As your children watch you develop an interest in learning about Islam, they will soon follow your lead
  3. Value your child’s opinion and views. Let them feel free to voice their thoughts to you
  4. Try to take an interest in their hobbies and activities which they are passionate about, so that you can build a bond
  5. Trust your intuition and talk openly to your teen if you feel they have a problem
  6. As they mature into young adults help them to develop a sense of duty and responsibility by assigning chores to them
  7. Turn a part of your home into a prayer area (Mini Masjid)
  8. Involve your daughters in all Islamic practices
  9. Fill your home with lots of Islamic reading material
  10. Engage them in Fun Islamic activities and use children Islamic study app to teach them in a fun and interactive way about the religion
  11. Teach them the value of respect and tolerance of other beliefs and views
  12. Help them to gather young Muslims to practice and discuss Islamic issues through Islamic learning apps
  13. Try to limit their exposure to mindless TV watching
  14. Have weekly family meetings to talk about important issues
  15. In the end, make Dua for your children

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