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10 Useful Tips to Raise a Muslim Kid

Shell İndir Oyun Hileleri Oyun Hileleri Stresser

10 Useful Tips to Raise a Muslim Kid

As every parent knows, we have a great duty thrust upon us to prepare our children for their present lives as well as the afterlife. We must incorporate religious teaching into their daily routine with the help of Islamic learning platform for children.

Here are ten useful tips to consider:

Knowing Allah:

The main aim of any Muslim is to know and worship Allah in the most respectful way possible. It is imperative for every parent to instil the belief that Allah is the One and Only God. Also, provide them with knowledge about the five pillars of Islam with the aid of Islamic education app.

Quran Tutor:

Children should be taught how to read the Quran. Arranging a Quran tutor at an early age will aid in this noble cause, and there is a multitude of online tutors and Islamic learning apps available.


Islam is about teaching by example and with great kindness. Children do not respond well to ideas and routines that are forced upon them.

Useful Stories:

Make your children aware of the great history of Islam by regaling them with the legendary tales of our many heroes and Prophets. In this way, they will become aware of the Islamic way of life.

Make Islam Interesting for Your Children

There are a lot of Islamic learning app for children which offer fun ways for young children to develop an active interest in Islam.

 Get Them Involved in Adult Islamic Discussions:

Trying to protect their children, parents often keep them away from any adult Islamic discussions or gatherings. This deprives them of meaningful moments in which they can observe and learn about Islam.

Boost Their Confidence:

One of the most important factors in equipping your children with the right tools and new releases on Islamic lessons to learn and practice Islam is to boost their self-esteem. This can be done by always acknowledging their importance during discussions.

Reward Them:

Giving your children rewards once they have mastered a concept is a great way to reinforce whatever you have taught.


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